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tv   Early Start  CNN  August 16, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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ran out of time for the "ridicu-list" tonight. sorry. that does it for this edition of "360." thanks for watching. "early start" begins now. a surprise from 16-year-old kidnapping victim, hannah anderson. her first public appearance since being rescueed from the man police say murdered her brother and mother. day of anger in egypt. protesters promising to return to the streets after hundreds were slaughtered by the country's military. we are live there. trouble brewing in the tropics. the storm set to soak parts of the country this weekend. what you can expect and what has indra petersons so concerned. >> it's a long explanation. she promises to dumb it down this morning. >> so even we can understand it.
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>> good morning, welcome to "early start." i'm zoraida sambolin. >> am john berman, it is friday and i need it. it is august 16th. a teenage girl kidnapped and taken on a 1,000 mile journey made her first public appearance. as we find out more about what was found inside the home of the man that took her captive. we have the story. >> hannah anderson's arrival at a family function was a surprise. >> this was an unexpected reunion. all our friends were here. itis like we haven't skipped a beat. >> they were invited to this restaurant, but not allowed inside during the reunion. >> hannah sends her love. she is doing good day by day. >> hearing hannah strong and pray for hannah t-shirts, neighbors, friends and the
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grandparents helped to raise money for the mother and brother's funeral. >> i wanted to say thank you all for coming. this is a small community that we are part of. the community came together, put on a great fund-raiser for hannah, her future and healing. >> what does it mean to go through this ordeal? >> it's horrifying he did what he did. it's sickening. >> reporter: alf ticket sales and restaurant sales donated to the anderson family. >> we have a lot of expenses in front of us. right now, we are looking for her future and getting her settled. >> a family hoping to help hannah adjust after she was kidnapped by her father's best friend. >> he really was like an uncle jim to them. >> reporter: we are learning what police discovered at the burned down home.
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this search warrant say that is police discovered a handwritten note and dnc letters from hannah. the detectives prove dimaggio had dmominion over the house. the fire was caused by human actions. we want to go to egypt. muslim brotherhood is calling for mass protests, a day of anger set to begin hours from now. the army closed off entrances to tahrir square. it comes as families bury the dead from the crackdown. 580 people killed after police moved in to break up sit ins. thousands more were injured. reza is live in cairo. we are bracing for the day of anger. what's the latest?
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>> yeah, john, during this conflict, we have had a lot of days here in egypt where you can feel the essential and the anxiety. this is one of those days. the stage is set, once again, for more clashes, more violence between egyptian security forces and supporters of morsi and the muslim brotherhood. muslim backers, morsi backers called for more throughout the country and here in cairo, the protests are in response to wednesday's deadly crackdown against the two, six-week long sit ins in cairo. they killed hundreds of people. morsi backers are meeting in a square called ramsay square. it's a couple miles away from tahrir square which is the home base for anti-morsi supporters.
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make sure the morsi backers do not head toward tahrir square. yesterday, more fallout in the crack down. police stations and churches attacked. this is pay back for the backers of the muslim brotherhood because of what happened on wednesday. today is going to be a good barometer of this conflict. we are going to find out if wednesday's crackdown demoralized it or inspired. a lot of people are watching closely. >> somewhat troubling after all the tension that's been there this week. this could be one of the most precarious. >> thanks. five minutes past the hour. in the wake of the violence, the u.s. canceled joint military with them.
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president obama is calling on both sides to stop. >> the egyptian people deserve better than what we have seen over the last several days. to the egyptian people, let me say the cycle of violence and escalation needs to stop. we call on the egyptian authorities to respect the universal rights of the people. we call on those who are protesting to do so peacefully and condemn the attacks we have seen by protesters including on churches. >> the state department is said to be reviewing the egyptian aid programs. the administration has so far resisted calls to stop giving $1.5 billion in military and economic assistance to the egyptian government. >> al qaeda, a growing threat inside iraq. that comes from secretary of state, john kerry. kerry bluntly accused them of
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launching assault against innocent iraqis carrying out bombings. leaders met in washington on thursday, at least two dozen people killed in a wave of bombings in backgrounds. new warnings about power plants. the nuclear proliferation project says every one of the 107 nuclear power plants is vol vulnerable to an attack. they are disputing the findings, insisting the nation's nuclear power plants are, quote, adequately protected. hassan pathologist testified he shot five victims while they were lying helplessly on the ground. he fired 12 rounds on a soldier. he's charged with killed 13 and
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wounding 30 others in the worst mass shooting ever in a u.s. military base. a tropical annoyance over mexico. forecasters say it could bring a lot of rain to the gulf course over the weekend. indra is tracking it. you are busy. >> yeah. first, i want to show you erin. it's 1-mile-per-hour over tropical storm pace. plus, i want to show the location. next week, it dissipates into a depression. we are focusing on something that has not been named yet. let's look at the peninsula. a 50% chance it develops into something. regardless, look at the moisture sucked into florida. look at the tropical moisture. look at the track. it's different than yesterday. it's going to push into texas. keep that in mind for next week.
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for this weekend, it has a bigger impact. the reason for that, that stationary front that drenches the southeast. that is still here. we are pulling in all the tropical moisture with it. the low will pull the stationary front backward meaning more rain will go into the southeast and thread up the eastern sea board. how much rain are we talking about? three to five in tallahassee. charleston, two to four inches. friday, you can see the moisture pull sboog florida and into georgia. as we get through saturday, we see it spread back to louisiana and mississippi. notice toward the mid-atlantic, the moisture and chance for showers, nothing like the south. either way, the clouds are moving in. heavy rain toward texas. still raining in the southeast. we are talking about the combination bringing eight
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inches of rain that have been soaked. >> the rain is really stuck there in the southeast. >> this unbelievable amount of rain. this summer, we have seen way over, 10 to 15 inches over. >> how many inches of rain have they seen? >> every place is different but some ten to 15. >> thank you. kind of good news/bad news. it's a deal for the believers convinced we are not alone on the universe. do you believe this? >> yeah. >> the cia is officially acknowledging the existence of super secret area 51. the documents include a map of the location in the nevada desert. would you go, berman? >> mm-hmm. >> you would? >> mm-hmm. >> they said it's a testing sight for surveillance during the cold war. >> you believe that? >> i do.
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>> if they are not doing the alien autopsies there, where are they doing them? they are doing them somewhere? >> yeah. i'm going to send you a link. did you see the story? a big alien head. >> it's awesome. >> it's not real. >> i have been in the ufo museum. >> you believe all this snuff. >> i think it's fun. >> okay. coming up, the nsa caught breaking the rules. the government spying on americans when the nsa should not have been doing so. a florida baby can't wait to be born. a woman in labor, falling to the floor of a hospital lobby. we have the dramatic delivery, coming up next. la's known definitely for its traffic,
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authority thousands of times since 2008 when congress gave it widespread power to keep tabs on overseas phone calls and e-mails. among the reported missteps, intercepting a number of calls in washington, d.c., when a computer system overtook 202 area code for egypt's dialling code 20. they collected data without getting the okay of a spy court. they responded saying they encourage their staff to come forward when the mistakes happened. >> as for the man who gave the documents to "the washington post," edward snowden is in russia amid a fight between his family and advisers. snowden's father is critical of the people helping his son. now snowden, himself, has put out a statement saying his father doesn't speak for him. crazy. let's go to moscow and cnn's
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phil black. what is going on here, a family battle? >> tension in the camp, not between father and son, between edward and long snowden, it seems. among the advisers, the people surrounding both men, working with them and advising them. long snowden expressed concern edward is here in russia with wikileaks who snowden has been working with from the beginning. snowden heard about the statements, didn't like them and issued a statement of his own, smacking them down. he sent it to the "huffington post." he said beneathing my father, his lawyer or his wife represent me in any way. not to exploit the tragic vacuum of my father's emotional compromise.
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it sounds serious. the father/son relationship is still strong. we know the snowden's communicated for the first time since edward snowden fled the united states. they chatted online using an encrypted chat service. the lawyers didn't want them to do it. they didn't think it was worth the risk. they are going to be reunited face-to-face in the not so distant future. he will be traveling here in the near future. he's not giving a specific date. he's talking late august, early september. >> a flair for the dramatic. the tragic vacuum for his father. phil, thank you so much. another news organization has become the victim of hackers. this time, it's "the washington post" website that supports assad. readers were redirected temporarily to the website of the syrian electronic army.
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that group claims to have hacked the website. the number of news organizations including the bbc and associated press. still a mystery, what caused a ups cargo plane to crash killing the pilot and co-pilot? officials say that a preliminary investigation shows no evidence of engine failure prior to impact. they ruled out the problem of runway lights. the problems could be found in the data recorder which has been obtained. a pregnant mom got to the hospital just in the nick of time. she was in labor and the baby didn't want to wait. she made it as far as the check-in desk. >> i was in the wheelchair. i said it's out, it's out. >> it's out, it's out. a nurse was rushing to get to
2:19 am
work and she stopped to help. that's when a six pound, eight ounce baby girl came into the world. she is doing fine as you are seeing there. mom is as well. >> welcome, diane ya. welcome. well done. >> what a story. i love those stories. how were you born, check this out. >> i would be happy to tell mine they were born inside the hospital room. the markets tumble. what's putting fear in the heart of wall street and could the sell off continue today?
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it is a beautiful morning here in new york city. we hope a beautiful day for one resident of this fine city. whose birthday is it? it's madonna's birthday! it's her 55th birthday. we wish her a very happy birthday. >> doesn't look a day over 54. >> 30 years since her first album. 30 years. >> how do you know? you must be a big madonna fan. >> no, i heard it the other day. >> it's a segway into money time. christine romans time. >> happy birthday, madonna. futures are higher this morning after stocks had the biggest one day percentage drop since late
2:24 am
june. it's been an ugly day. the first back-to-backdrop. the dow fell 1.5%. the s&p, nasdaq down. closer to september. the feds will begin the septaper. u.s. jobs fell to the lowest since 2007. that's great. unemployment line is shortest since 2007, awesome. it gives the fed room to pull back. weak spending signals from walmart and macy's. cisco, business is soft, inconsistent is what the ceo said. that affects business. stocks still up double digits. still a very, very good year. some people are saying it's a pullback to refresh. the bulls are saying perfect time to buy more stocks. the bears saying hey, it's scary
2:25 am
out there. >> the madonna plunge. >> a brief madonna plunge. warren buffett, he stepped into a hot environmental debate. his company bought half billion dollars in suncor. it's a canadian oil company of oil sands. it's the reason environment lists are encouraging president obama to refuse the pipeline. analysts say buffett is interested in the stock as a good old fashioned value. it is a bullish play on oil sands and oil sand production. a blackberry ceo plans to make $55 million if he loses his job and sells his stock. blookberg news says that -- if
2:26 am
you can get it. blackberry, the company has strategic developments. blackberry was number one. it's tumbling. >> all that money, you can buy a lot of iphones. >> or madonna albums. >> exactly. thank you christine romans. coming up, an emotional day for michael jackson's ex-wife on the record. the toll the king of pop es death had on their daughter.
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protesters returning to the streets of egypt today days after hundreds were killed by the country's military. >> i don't know how she couldn't do anything but help our case. >> michael jackson's ex-wife on the record about the star's death. what she said that could shake up the wrongful death lawsuit. a warning this morning for dog and cat owners. a big pet food recall to tell you about. welcome back to "early start," i'm john berman. >> nobody is getting dog or cat food this morning. >> dogs and cats are. >> don't feed them until we tell you about the recall. i'm zoraida sambolin. >> i'm john berman. it is 5:30 in the east. egypt is bracing for more violence. the muslim brotherhood calling for a friday of anger to begin in a few hours drawing tens of
2:31 am
thousands of people to the streets. the military, we understand, blocked off entrances to tahrir square using armored vehicles and barbed wire. the death toll from the other day stands at 580 with thousands injured. reports of dozens of christian churches have been attacked and burned. it's not clear who is behind them. president obama is condemning the violence against the churches. the state department reviewing its aid to the egyptian government. in other news, hannah anderson, the 16-year-old kidnapped by a family friend made her first public appearance. it happened at a fund-raiser in san diego. the media were invited, but not allowed inside. dozens of neighbors and friends were there to help raise money for the funerals for her mother
2:32 am
and little brother. her father, brett, told reporters his daughter is recovering. >> a small community that we are a part of. the community came together, put on this great fund-raiser for hannah and hopefully her future and healing. hannah sends her love. she is doing good day by day. we will keep moving forward from here. a search warrant by kfmb shows police discovered a handwritten note and other letters written by hannah inside the captor's burned out home. it leads them to believe the house fire was caused by human ashes. we have heard a lot about michael jackson's life and who was responsible for his death as the family per sues a wrongful death case. his ex-wife is shedding light on what it was like to live with michael jackson and what it was
2:33 am
like for his kids after he died. here is ted rollens. >> reporter: jackson's ex-wife mesmerized jurors talking about her life with the king of pop including his journey with addiction that started after this accident in 1984 that burned michael jackson's scalp. she talked about the good times. he wanted to be the best parent he could be. photos of her, jackson and the children were sent in court. this was picking jackson up from a movie set. he stayed in costume. rowe broke down in tears while this video was played from 1996 in munich, germany. it's where rowe testified she saw doctors administer propofol to induce his sleep.
2:34 am
she told her boss she was worried jackson was addicted to propofol. aeg lawyers say that's why they called her as a witness. >> i don't know how she couldn't do anything but help the case. she let everyone know people in michael's life were worried about the use in the '80s and '90s. paris doesn't feel like she has a life anymore. good news on the fire lines in utah. a wildfire is 50% contained. officials say the fire only burned eight homes. originally, they thought it was 14 homes. some residents may be allowed to return to their homes today. that's good news. >> different in idaho. wildfires there continue to burn east of boise destroying dozens
2:35 am
of homes. the latest is the bieber creek fire. it's 68 square miles now. 9% contained. the elk fire is up to 116,000 acres. it's said to have destroyed 38 homes. with that one, there are reports of success. the outfire is 40% contained. >> while there are fires out west, there's a storm brewing that could bring rain and lots of it to the gulf coast and waterlogged southeast. indra petersons is tracking that for us. i am never going to complain about rain again. >> everyone in the northeast complaining of the rain. it's nothing like the southeast. the tropics now becoming more active. we are going to start with tropical storm erin. it is way out there. off the coast of africa. it's 1-mile-per-hour over tropical storm strength. it's weak. expected to strengthen then weaken into a depression. a week out, we are still talking
2:36 am
about it being in the middle of the ocean. a long way to go before we track that. immediate concern today is for the moisture here that's hanging out in the caribbean over the peninsula. we are looking at the development. where the moisture goes, it's impacting florida. there's change from yesterday and today. right now, it looks like if it does develop, it will go into texas. we'll be monitoring that. for the current impact, we have a stationary front in the southeast. that, alone, produces heavy rainfall. we bring in the tropical moisture and the upper low will backtrack just a hint. it will allow the moisture to creep up and bring heavy rainfall as it goes through the week. look at the numbers, two to four or three to five inches of rain. here is friday. you can see the moisture going into florida and georgia. i'll see it impact louisiana and mississippi. going into the mid-atlantic. by sunday, it goes all the way
2:37 am
up to the northeast and see the remnant there, the moisture going through texas. rain we are talking about how bad it is now. we are not there yet. saturday and sunday a lot more. >> the panhandle there, the cloud stays over the entire time. >> yeah. >> thanks so much. >> 37 minutes past the hour. another woman has come forward accusing san diego's mayor of sexual harassment. this time, it's 67-year-old peggy shannon who works part time at san diego city hall. she says filner would stop by her desk and make inappropriate comments about asking her out and more. she and her attorney talked about it with piers morgan. >> he came up to me without any warning when i was outside going home and hugged me and kissed me. i was appalled. i was shocked. it's not something that i
2:38 am
thought the mayor would ever do. >> she is the 16th woman to accuse filner of sexual harassment. he maintains innocence and so far refused to resign. >> anthony weiner is at the bottom of the pack in the new york city mayor's race. the nbc and wall street journal poll shows him at 11% going into the democratic primary. he was once the front-runner. his numbers plummeted since admitting he continued his sexting habit. with the next presidential election three years away, republicans are making their plans to get back to the white house. they are asking one of the biggest stars to chart the course forward. jim has that. >> reporter: inside the hotel right next to the boston convention center -- >> i have just called president
2:39 am
obama to congratulate him on his victory. >> reporter: where mitt romney gave his concession speech, leaders are meeting to break their losing streak. they huddled behind closed doors to see how chris christie handles things. >> you either side up next to them and whisper speet nothings. or second alternative is you punch them first. >> reporter: christie delivered what some considered a jab in his war at words with kentucky senator, rand paul. i think we have some folks who believe that our job is to be college professors. >> reporter: some argued their job should be to win. >> so, i'm going to do anything
2:40 am
i need to do to win. >> reporter: christie's comments were obtained by cnn and "time" magazine as the speech was closed to the press. >> who made the request for it to be closed? >> there was no request. we said it was scheduled to be closed. it's closed because it's a business meeting of the party. >> other events were open to the media like this one. >> there's nobody that looks like the people on this stage that have an "r" behind their name. that's not the case. some customers of time warner cable are suing to get money back for the loss of cbs programming. they would have never signed up if they knew they were about to
2:41 am
be cut off. they dropped it in new york, los angeles and dallas in a fee dispute. time warner cable is a separate company from time warner, which owns cnn. 40 minutes past the hour. seattle police officers will be on patrol at this year's hemp fest, handing out munchies. they will distribute 1,000 bags of doritos. attached is a label directing marijuana fans to a web page set up by the police department. it shows what is and isn't legal under the new marijuana law allowing adults 21 and over to possess up to an ounce of pot. >> the key to marketing is know your audience. >> munchies, orange fingers. coming up, a pet food recall this morning for dogs and cats. why some products are being pulled from store shelves.
2:42 am
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wyuu1 0 &xfr
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listen up, this is important. a major pet recall that involves iams and eukanuba. a few batches of the food may have been contaminated with salmonella. there's no reports of illness. the recall is precautionary right now. the food in question has best buy dates in november 2014. we have a link to the full list of products. go to brace yourself for unnecessary cuteness. it is a brand-new species. a new species of mammal. >> does he bite? >> actually, no. he has claws, though. he's found in the trees of the andean forests. they were searching for a
2:46 am
similar animal, which is part of the raccoon family when they discovered this guy. it had been misidentified for years and years and years. it's his own species. it weighs two pounds. >> we? >> i say we, i'm a member of the human race, aren't i? do not fear it. >> it is not dangerous. this creature belongs to a group of mammals that we call the carnivores, but the carnivore group is very diverse. it ranges from bears to cats and felines and canines. it's primarily a fruit eater or eating nectar. >> do not fear. >> can i keep him as a pet at home? >> do not fear the olinguito. he's cute and cuddly. it's a cross between a house cat
2:47 am
and teddy bear. it's primary found in the high trees of columbia and ecuador. >> you will miss him because he's tiny. you will lose him. how cute. >> you correct my pronunciation for hours. >> when i read it, i thought it was different. i thought you were right. apparently, you are wrong. chris and kate, what is coming up on "new day." >> it's a tomato/tomato. there's plenty more to it. >> didn't know j.b. has zoology on the resume. >> he doesn't. >> the match up between a house cat and teddy bear. what would the latin name be? thank you very much. >> we have other news other than
2:48 am
that coming up in the show. hannah anderson, the 16-year-old, we followed the story, dramatic rescue last saturday. she seems to be fine. better than fine. she made a public appearance. she's been online and instagram. we are going to talk to two of her friends about what she knew about james dimaggio, the man who took her and how she's doing now. we are going to talk to a therapist about the best way to move forward in this situation. >> some people are surprised to hear from her and see her so quickly after this experience. another story, i have how many cups of coffee a day? >> 17. >> yeah. it's a morning staple. of course, we have to be bearers of bad news and ask this question, is coffee dangerous. a new study is looking at how much is too much and why that extra cup of joe could be harmful. dr. sanjay gupta is the man to explain it. my litmus test is when my heart starts racing, it's time to
2:49 am
stop. >> that could be one espresso. >> right. we'll talk to sanjay about it. caffeine up then we'll talk about it. >> i'm trying to figure how many ounces are in this cup. >> never enough. >> thanks. >> we'll be right back. ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪ ♪ turn around barbara ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ i don't always have time to eat like i should. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna. helping people with diabetes find balance. [ male announcer ] glucerna. always go the extra mile. to treat my low testosterone, i did my research. my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18
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18-year-old swimmer had her bags packed for the paraolympics in montreal, but told to stay home because her paralysis is not considered permanent. >> andy has more in the bleacher report. good morning. >> what the committee is saying is since she has a glimmer of hope to one day walk again, she is not allowed to compete in a paraolympic event. this is not the first time it happened to her. before the london games, she was
2:53 am
ruled not able to compete. they overruled and she won four medals setting a world record in the 100 meter freestyle. now, she's banned again. on facebook, she said she is heart broken over the ruling. commissioner bud selig announced baseball will have an expanded replay system in place next season. managers will be allowed to challenge plays like coaches do in football. one challenge the first six innings and two more after the seventh inning. check out the next video. see noum ber 4. it's a 12-year-old. he's 6'3", 219 pounds. he plays for gross point, michigan. he's taller than the head coach and fastball clocked at 75 miles per hour. he'll be on the mound today as michigan takes on the first game
2:54 am
in the little league world series. good luck to the kids that have to face him. >> los angeles may not have an nfl team, but an arena league team owned by the band, kiss. paul stanley and gene similar mon similar monos are part of it. it will be similar to a live show with thrilling, heart pounding action. >> faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive. there's nothing more powerful than the nfl. we are part of this. we are proud to be part of the afl family, amen. >> no word on if the players will be required to wear face paint or have spikes. >> i think they should. it will be fantastic. their shows are awesome. >> exciting. >> thank you, andy.
2:55 am
>> you have the picture. >> go to facebook and see my pictures. >> true. yeah. >> we'll be right back. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote.
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that is it for us on "early start." it is time for "new day." >> have a great weekend. watch "new day" first. take it away. >> thanks, see you in a bit. you are getting your breakfast ready. this is the perfect time. here on "new day" at the top of the hour, it's time for your news. hannah is doing good day by
2:59 am
day. we'll keep moving forwards from here. >> hannah strong. hannan anderson making her first public appearance reunited with friends and family. the latest on how she's doing. >> the nsa overstepped their authority thousands of times each year. has the domestic spying gone too far. >> flash flooding as a tropical storm is brewing in the atlantic and may take aim at the u.s. we are tracking it all. >> your "new day" starts right now. >> yes i will say it every friday because we want to, tgif! good morning, welcome to "new day," it's august 16th, 6:00 in the east, i'm chris cuomo. >> i'm kate bolduan along with michaela pereira. debate cnn has been on the forefront of this whole week the push for medical marijuana.
3:00 am
new jersey governor chris christie is being pressured by the parents of this little girl they say she'll die if she cannot have access to medical marijuana. christie said he'd decide whether to legalize the drug for children. we all know judge judy, tough, great tv, she's even tougher defending her family. her son is a district attorney caught up in a scandal involving his personal trainer. she is speaking out about it and her son is here live to tell his side of the story. >> interesting. >> we've seen the videos of crash test dummies, check this out dummies for pets, a new push to make car restraints safer for animals. >> somehow it bothers you more when it's the dog getting mashed. >> that looks more life like than the other dummies. i
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